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Flacius Accomplishments PDF Print E-mail

There is still no definite work which presents a comprehensive and detailed survey of Flacius’ written legacy. The quotes by different authors cited on these pages reveal only certain aspects of Flacius’ significance.

“…one of the best scholars and theological thinkers of the Augsburg confession” (Pierre Bayle, 1696)

“He was a very educated man, not only in theological studies, but also in Greek and Hebrew, and in the field of literature.” (Girolamo Gravisi, around 1750)

“…he was gifted with great talent, especially in literary criticism, and with broad views and profound knowledge …” (Pietro Stancovich, 1829)

“There are cases when very little is needed and this “little” decides whether the ship will sink or stay above water. When society gets into such situations, it is a great thing to have a man of such steadiness, determination, and even unscrupulousness, as Flacius was.” (August Twesten, 1844)

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