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Conference: New Research on Matthias Flacius Illyricus PDF Print E-mail

Organizer: Institute for European History in Mainz (Germany)

Time and place: 7 June 2011, Mainz, Alte Universitätstrasse 19, 55116 Mainz, Conference hall

The conference is dedicated to Matthias Flacius Illyricus (Matija Vlačić Ilirik, 1520-1575) from Albona (Labin in today’s Croatia). Scholars from Austria, the United States of America and Germany will present their latest research findings and new sources for discussion. The contributions will highlight Flacius’ involvement in the fields of theology, church politics, philology, historiography, biblical hermeneutics and exegesis, at the same time taking into account the European networks he had built, together with the far-reaching influence of his teachings in the early Confessional Era.


09.00–09.10 IRENE DINGEL (Mainz)

Opening and welcoming speech

09.10–09.35 STEFAN MICHEL (Jena)

Matthias Flacius’ Polemics of the Summer of 1548 from the perspective of ‘Luther's clerk’: A Contribution to its History of Tradition by Georg Rörer

09.35–10.00 CARSTEN BRALL (Mainz)

Positioning and Separation: Flacius and the Processes of Confessional Differentiation in the Netherlands 1566/67



11.00–11.25 ROBERT KOLB (St. Louis)

The Glossa Compendiaria: Commentary Flacius-Style



11.45–12.00 FRIEDHELM GLEISS (Mainz)

Doctoral dissertation project presentation: The Weimar Disputation of 1560 – Reaching Theological Consensus in Territorial Politics



14.00–14.25 DANIEL GEHRT (Gotha)

“We were not baptized by Flacius Illyricus, but by Jesus Christ”: Exploiting the Polemical Tag ‘Flacianer’ in Theological and Political Conflicts between 1557 and 1577

14.25–14.50 RUDOLF LEEB (Wien)

The End of the Conflict over Original Sin: The Dissolution and End of Flacianism



16.00–16.25 HARALD BOLLBUCK (Wolfenbüttel)

Historiography as Self-description: The Magdeburg Centuries and their Function

16.25–16.50 LUKA ILIĆ (Philadelphia/Mainz)

From Wittenberg to Frankfurt: Examining the Process of Flacius’ Theological Radicalization

16.50–17.30  Discussion

17.30           Conclusion of the conference