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The Reformation in Western Europe - The Beginnings of the Reformation

(Wildhaus, 1 January 1484 – Kappel, 11 October 1531)

Ulrich ZwingliZwingli was a leader of the Reformation in Switzerland. During his studies in Vienna and Basel he was heavily influenced by humanism. From 1519 Zwingli served as a priest at the Grossmünster Church in Zurich. It was during this time that he began calling for changes within the Catholic Church. He attacked the practice of Lenten fasting and disagreed with Luther on the interpretation of the Eucharist. In 1523 the city of Zurich officially adapted Zwingli’s reforms and became a hub for the spread of the Reformation across Switzerland.

Later on Zwingli stood fiercely against the radical Anabaptist reformers. He died in battle, fighting against forces of the Catholic cantons in Switzerland who refused to accept his ecclesiastical reforms. Zwingli’s influence on theology, liturgy and confessions left an impact on several Protestant denominations which is still tangible today.

His successor in Zurich was Heinrich Bullinger, who kept correspondence with Protestant Reformers Primož Trubar and Pietro Paolo Vergerio.