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Flacius’ Children
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Flacius’ Children
Matthias Flacius married Elisabeth Faust in November 1545. Following her death, he married Magdalena Ilbeck on 23 October 1564. According to sources, Flacius had 18 children and 12 of them were from his first marriage.
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Flacius’ Children

(12 September 1547 – 27 April 1593)

Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Jr. was the oldest son of Matthias Flacius Illyricus. He was born on 12 September 1547 in Braunschweig (Brunswick), where his parents were staying temporarily. His mother and father had become refugees in the autumn of 1546 when the troops of Maurice of Saxony attacked Wittenberg on 6 November 1546 and when the university closed down. Matthias and Elisabeth fled to Braunschweig and Matthias Jr. was born there the following year. Soon after his birth the Wittenberg University was opened again (Melanchthon had signed the Augsburg Interim in the meantime) and Flacius returned to his teaching schedule in the autumn of 1547. Around Easter 1549 the Flacius family moved to Magdeburg, so already as a small child, Matthias Jr. was an experienced traveler.

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Flacius’ Children

She married Wolfgang Irenäus of Weitzburg on 23 October 1577 (on the same day that her stepmother, Magdalena got re-married). Wolfgang was the son of Christoph Irenäus (1522-1595), Flacius' friend and faithful follower.

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Flacius’ Children
Flacius’ son from his first marriage. He is mentioned in Flacius’ letter to Nicholaus Gallus from 1564, when Andreas was ill (see Preger II, 235).
During the spring of 1574 he travelled to Lower Silesia from Frankfurt via Mansfeld and Berlin with his father (See Preger II, p. 521). In Silesia Matthias Flacius held a theological disputation with Jacob Coler and his son kept the minutes. Buschbek claims that it was Daniel who traveled with Matthias at that time (see Hermann Buschbek, ‘Des Matthias Flacius Illyricus Religionsgespräche auf Burg Lehnhaus und Scloβ Langenau im Jahre 1574’, Jahrbuch des Vereins fűr Schlesische Kirchengeschischte 24 (1934):11).
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Flacius’ Children

According to Buschbeck (see Buschbeck, 11), Daniel was the second son of Matthias and Elisabeth Flacius.

In May 1574 he was present at the disputations between Matthias Flacius and Jacob Coler in Lower Silesia (present-day Poland), where he recorded the proceedings (see Buschbeck, 11).

He enrolled at the University of Basel in May 1579 as “Daniel Flaccius Magdeburgensis, Mathiae Ilirici filius.” According to this he was born in Magdeburg. In 1581 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree and later received a master’s degree as well (Wackernagel, 267).

On 10 March 1575 Daniel called pastors Hartman Beyer and Matthias Ritter to serve the Holy Communion to his father on his deathbed (Preger II, 525).

Hermann Buschbeck, ‘Des Matthias Flacius Illyricus Religiongespräche auf Burg Lehnhaus und Schloß Langenau im Jahre 1574.,’ Jahrbuch des Vereins für Schlesische Kirchengeschichte 24 (1934): 3-23.

Hans Georg Wackernagel (ed.), Die Matrikel der Universität Basel, II. Band 1532/33-1600/01 (Basel: Verlag der Universitätsbibliothek, 1956).

Wilhelm Preger, Matthias Flacius Illyricus und seine Zeit II (1861).

Esaja Vlačić (Esajas Flacius) PDF Print E-mail
Flacius’ Children

He was born in Regensburg, most likely from Flacius’ marriage with his second wife, Magdalena Ilbeck (they got married 23 October 1564).

In 1597 he became liberalium artium studiousus in Wolfenbüttel.

Two of his letters from 1597 can be found in the Regensburg city archives, in which he is requesting a birth certificate and written verification of his legitimate birth (Mirković, 1960, p. 215).

Osias Vlačić (Hosea Flacius) PDF Print E-mail
Flacius’ Children

On 17 August 1574 Flacius wrote to the Frankfurt city council, requesting help for his son who was suffering from dementia. The city responded by covering Hosea’s medical expenses for a few years (see Preger II, p. 521).

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